About Us


To create healing through the arts by restoring cultures and identities to Indigenous artists and communities.


We identify, promote, and create opportunities for Indigenous artists to support and develop a self-sufficient community of Indigenous artists who preserve traditional knowledge, advance respective cultural identities and reflect evolving cultural expression helping the community heal from the trauma of colonization.


To be a well-known national provider of healing opportunities through the arts while supporting Indigenous artists. 



MILLIE KNAPP - Executive Director

Millie Knapp has 25-plus years of work experience in media as a publisher, feature writer, photographer, managing editor, and advertising sales specialist. She delivers business and publishing expertise to Indigenous communities and businesses. The cultivation of an international business and community network enriches her work as a panel and advisory board member for arts and entertainment programs and social community groups. Millie Knapp, Anishinabe kwe from Kitigan Zibi, writes about Indigenous peoples art, culture, and mino pimadziwin, the good life. 

CRYSTAL SAMMS – Marketing and Event Manager

Crystal Samms is Ojibway of the Moose Clan from Munsee-Delaware First Nation in Southern Ontario. On her father’s side, she is Mi'kmaq referred to as L'nu, “the people,” from Newfoundland. Born and raised in Toronto, her mother brought her up amongst other Indigenous children in one of the first Indigenous apartment complexes in the city. Samms develops events and workshops to showcase Indigenous art and teaching for healing in the community from colonization.